Sep 20

Starting Your Restoration Franchise…

Posted by admin on Sep 20 2011

The restoration industry can be an attractive industry for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business. With a low start up cost, the restoration industry offers easy entry into the market, with high rewards. Most of the funds which pay for restoration services come from insurance companies instead of the customers’ wallet. Unlike other industries, the need for restoration services never declines or slows down due to economic changes.

Here are a few things to think about when deciding to start your own restoration franchise:

1)     Maintaining a professional brand. The brand name of your franchise might get the consumer interested in your company, but the service you give will keep them coming back and help you get new clients through referrals. Do you have what it takes to keep customers happy and present a professional image?

2)     Marketing. You offer a service which has many other players in the industry. How are you going to differentiate yourself from your competition? How are you going to convey that to your target market?

3)     Support. Do you have a good support team to handle your franchise? After your have built your professional brand and have clients, how are you going to deal with and handle your customers and tasks associated with running the franchise?

If you have what it takes to start your own restoration franchise, we are very interested in talking to you. Give us a call at (888) 410 – 1412 today!

Sep 13

Water Damage Restoration Franchise with 911 Restoration

Posted by admin on Sep 13 2011

CALL TODAY! (888) 410-1412

Aug 16

Restoration Franchise – Call (888) 410-1412

Posted by admin on Aug 16 2011

Interested in making an investment in 911 Restoration as a new franchisee?

We’re excited to welcome new members into our 911 Restoration family but before you take the step, we want to make sure that you are aware of the financial costs when starting up a new branch.

Let’s breakdown all the fees for  you:

- $25,000 for an Initial Franchise Fee

- $6,000 – $11,000 for Equipment

- $100 – $5,000 for Leasehold Improvements

- $15,000 – $35,000 for Vehicles

- $10,000 – $20,000 for Inventory & Operating Supplies

- $1,000 – $1,500 for Security Deposits

- $1,500 – $2,700 for Insurance ( 3 months)

- $1,500 – $2,500 for Training Expenses

- $500 – $1,500 for Signage

- $1,500 – $3,500 for Rental ( 3 months)

- $1,600 – $2,000 for Computer System

- $1,000 – $2,000 for Permits/ Licenses

Depending on your location and availability of some of the necessary start-up requirements like vehicles and computers, you are looking into investing anywhere between $89,700 to $157,700 as a new franchisee. 911 Restoration is committed to seeing a full return on your investment within 1-2 years after opening your first branch.  Ready to take the next step? Call (888) 410-1412 to set up a teleconference with our expansion team!

Jun 22

Franchise Support System with 911 Restoration Inc.

Posted by admin on Jun 22 2011

Within the first 3 years of opening up a new business, approximately 90% of businesses fail—>What causes this trend?

The reason most businesses fail within the first 3 years is the result of a lack of support system. Most new business owners have to learn the ABC’s of their business by themselves and quickly. If business owner is new to the industry, it’s even more difficult to succeed.

One of the benefits of investing in a Franchise, is the ability for entrepreneurs to make their own money with a strong support system; you have the ability to be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Since the brand image of the Company is already alive and thriving, becoming a Franchisee enables business owners to focus on growing their craft and making money. 911 Restoration Inc. has been constantly growing since the first branch opened in 1978. Since then, we’ve provided extensive training, a unique marketing platform (both online and offline), as well as the advice, tools, and experience that enable our franchises to succeed across the United States and Canada.

What’s great about the restoration industry, is that we are a recession proof investment. Homeowners and business owners will always need assistence restoring their property after a water damage, fire damage, or mold infestation. At 911 Restoration Inc., we also have experts on staff, including your own personal estimator that will assist you processing insurance claims for any insured property you work with—>What’s better than that?

Owning a business is never an easy task. There will be good days and bad days in the restoration industry. The great thing is that with 911 Restoration Inc., you are guaranteed to have a team of professionals ready and happy to help you if you hit a bump in the road to success.

For more information on our  Franchise Support System with 911 Restoration Inc. contact our headquarters, (888) 243-6653, ext. 9000.

May 16

Fire Damage Restoration Opportunity

Posted by admin on May 16 2011

Did you know that in 2009, fire departments across the United States responded to 362, 500 fires at residential properties alone?

The fires caused 7.6 billion dollars in direct damage! This means big business for the fire damage restoration industry in 2009 alone.

Fire damage can have devastating effects on a residential or commercial property where the fire damage took place; fire damage can also affect neighboring structures such as homes, businesses and pollute the air. People affected by a fire need fire fighters to put out the fire, they also need a fire damage restoration company to restore their property back to its original state. It’s important that families and businesses can contact a fire damage restoration company local to their area to assist them during this difficult time; a good restoration company will do just so, a great fire damage restoration company will give a family or business devastated by a fire A Fresh Start!

At 911 Restoration Inc., we are always looking for individuals interested in investing in a fire damage restoration franchise. In the last 2 years alone, we opened 27 branches across the United States and Canada. Since our company was established in 1978, we’ve committed to giving homeowners and businesses A Fresh Start!

 If you would like more information about the great support system we provide to franchise owners, please contact our corporate location today! (888) 243-6653, extension 9000.

Some of our benefits include:

1. 24/7 Customer Service Support

2. Health and Safety Department (to ensure compliance and federal regulations)

3. Complete Estimator Support

4. Complete Franchise Marketing (local and online)

5. And More!

Apr 18

Does a restoration franchise work?

Posted by admin on Apr 18 2011

The demand for professional mold removal, fire damage, and water damage restoration companies increases daily. Every day, insurance companies across the United States process tens of thousands of dollars worth of water damage, fire damage, and mold damage claims by business owners and homeowners. The restoration industry makes over 7 billion dollars a year.

The weather conditions get more and more unpredictable every year as a result of the ever increasing global warming. There have been more floods in the United States in recent years than ever before.

What’s great about the restoration industry is that we don’t have to wait for a natural disaster to occur. Every day, businesses and homeowners are suffering from a burst pipe, sewage backup, mold infestation, etc. The restoration industry is recession proof!

911 Restoration, Inc.  is looking to open new branches in major cities across the United States and Canada. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a 911 Restoration franchise owner, visit us at:

Jan 31

Business Expansion Program

Posted by admin on Jan 31 2011


  • Be your own boss.
  • Be a team member – we will be your coach.
  • Full access to our integrated business system – equipped with training, services, and more. 

Have you been looking for that lucrative Business Opportunity that will give you the best chance to achieve a better lifestyle and profession? 911 Restoration offers you just that!
We have a great opportunity that will enable you to become your own boss and be proud to be part of a winning family that has been in the business for over 30 years. Our success stems from our growth that has spread across the U.S.

The Mold Inspection, Fire Cleanup, Online Business Opportunity, Mold Removal, Water Removal, and Water Damage Restoration business is continually growing, as demand increases every day. Insurance companies around the nation process tens of thousands of water, fire, and mold damage claims every day, resulting in a booming business that exceeds over 7 billion dollars a year.

We are currently looking for investors to build branches of our companies in major cities all over the U.S. Investors will benefit from a profitable business with a brand name well known throughout the industry. In addition to buying the branding rights of our company, we offer a list of “family incentives”

  • Consulting Services
      o The corporate office located in Los Angeles, CA will be readily available to handle all orders, questions, and bookings for all customers via our toll-free number, which is used throughout all of our branches. Our secretaries can keep a list and will provide you with all necessary forms, information, financial statistics, etc. so that your business can follow our company model.
      o Each branch can contact directly with company presidents and representatives directly anytime about any question, financial matter, or insurance plan.
  • Advertising Services
      o Our corporate office will supply all necessary advertising material needed to quickly launch a new branch. Business Cards, Forms, Logos, Marketing Plans, and a company website ( are all readily available to any investor as soon as possible.
      o Every branch gets the opportunity to take full advantage of our renowned toll- free number, 1-888-AID-MOLD. At no additional cost, every branch can market the same number that leads directly to our corporate office, with receptionists and sales associates standing by. This gives each company the ability to track callers all at once, and also gives them the opportunity to sell services to areas distant from their branch.

Like what you read ? Become a part of our family !

Call 888.243.6653

Sep 28

Restoration1 – Restoration Franchise Business

Posted by admin on Sep 28 2010

Restoration1 – Restoration Franchise Business

Why A Restoration1 Franchise Is Right For You?

Starting any new business is a big decision. Choosing a path such as a water restoration franchise with Restoration1 can take a lot of stress and uncertainty from the process. With a solid and established strategy of success – Restoration1 can help you get our business up and running quickly and efficiently and help you turn a profit faster.

What We Do:

  • Free Estimates
  • Full Construction
  • 24×7 Service
  • Extraction & Drying
  • And much MORE….

Our Services Include:

  • Mold Removal ~ Mold Removal and Mold Inspection are our premiere services. Most of the time, serious water damage is followed by heavy mold growth left in the damaged area. Restoration1 offers high quality mold remediation, removal and mold inspection services. We can help to find, detect, test, identify and remediate all toxic mold and black mold spreading at your home or office. Mold Can Be a Serious Health Threat after Storms and Flooding.
  • Water Damage ~ Water damage restoration and water extraction services are our specialties. We perform restoration for both residential and commercial properties. Most of all, we strive for excellent and timely service. We can help you to get rid of all the unnecessary water, dry your carpets, floors, walls and furniture, and finally restore your home or office to its original or even better condition. Restoration1 will take complete care of you, we can guide you trough the entire process of getting your property back to normal in the quickest and more convenient way. Please read on to find out how we can be at your assistance.
  • Fire Damage ~ Fire Damage is the most devastating disaster that can happen to your property, therefore quick action is what may save your belongings – trust your home or office to our 24/7 emergency fire damage restoration service. We have an extensive knowledge and experienced to restore and reconstruct your property. We are equipped with all the latest advanced technology and tools to ensure that your property will be restored perfectly. Our employees participate regular training and education to provide the best fire water damage restoration service possible.

Are You Ready For A Restoration1 Franchise?

From your sales abilities to your willingness to take risks – it all matters in this or any other business. If Restoration1 is a good fit and you are interested in running your own business, fill out the Request

Sep 03

Ductz Air Care

Posted by admin on Sep 03 2010

New Solution, Repeat Business
Poor indoor air quality stems from two things: inadequate ductwork circulation and soiled carpets and upholstery. In response, DUCTZ has launched its TOTAL CARE service line, which includes deep carpet and upholstery cleaning. Already the global leader in air duct cleaning and HVAC restoration (148 offices), DUCTZ is now focused on improving indoor air quality from the ground up. The addition of TOTAL CARE will bring franchisees the following:

  • Revenue Expansion, Increased Cash Flow
  • Service Expansion, Increased Opportunities
  • Market Expansion, Service Leadership
  • 50% of homeowners deep clean their carpets every 6-months
  • 72% of homeowners deep clean their carpets every 12-months

Right-Fit Guarantee!

  • Vehicle Buy-Back Option Available During First Year of Business
  • Operational Equipment Buy-Back
  • Option Available During First Year of Business

Setting Records in 2009
A banner year was had by all. Not only did we award 40 new franchises, but we also achieved significant same store sales growth over 2008. In fact, nearly 70% of our offices achieved double-digit growth!

Distinctive Characteristics

  • Recession-Resistant, Needs-Based Opportunity
  • Family-Friendly Business Hours (M-F, 8am-5pm)
  • Total Initial Investment as Low as US$66,700
  • Multiple Territory Options Available
  • In-House Financing Available
  • Operator And Investor Models
  • Commercial, Restoration and Residential Work
  • Proprietary Scheduling and Estimating Software
  • Private Intranet Site for Franchisees
  • Proprietary Marketing Campaign Distribution Platform
  • Proprietary Online In-House Retail Ordering Site
  • Performance Verification Software
  • Home-Based Business
  • Employees: 1 or 2 to Start
  • Scalable: Start With One Truck and Build Up
  • Pushdown Opportunities Through Our National Service Team
  • National Revenue Opportunities – Get Paid to Work on National Projects

In 2009, we opened over 40 NEW franchises!

Ranked #1
As America’s largest air duct-cleaning franchise, Entrepreneur magazine ranks DUCTZ the No. 1 air ductcleaning franchise opportunity, a top new franchise, and a top home-based franchise business. DUCTZ is part of the US$75 billion Restoration Industry.

A Solid Foundation
DUCTZ is owned by BELFOR, the worldwide leader in property restoration services with over US$1.3 billion in sales, offices in 28 countries and the ability to provide assistance to 90% of the global insurance market. BELFOR’s unparalleled expertise clearly solidifies them as the world’s #1 property restoration company.

Consultant Information

Instant Franchisee Revenue
DUCTZ franchisees across the country participate in and profit from the work “pushed down” from BELFOR to their local business and also from the opportunity to work on large-scale National Service Team projects. BELFOR has provided over US$4 million dollars worth of pushdown work to DUCTZ franchisees.

Unlimited Service Abilities
With our new TOTAL CARE service expansion, our capabilities are virtually unlimited. Residential or commercial, on land or at sea, our air duct and carpet cleaning services are improving indoor air quality from the ground up for homes and businesses across the country.

Franchise Fee and Territory Fee (combined)
Cumulative Territory Fee
Initial Package*
Total Investment (excluding vehicle lease)
DUCTZ In-House Financing
* Only one initial package required regardless of number of territories purchased

Territories are available in most major markets
and mid-sized cities

Franchisees operate their franchise within a Regional Service Area (RSA) encompassing a 60-mile radius from their designated office territory – giving them a tremendous opportunity for success! Within a franchisee’s RSA, they will choose a Designated Operating Territory (DOT) of approximately 100,000 households (average DOT contains a population of 270,000). This will provide them with a home-base from where they can build and expand their business.

Franchisees receive the following protection within their DOT:

  • Exclusive Marketing Rights
  • National Accounts and Pushdown Work
  • Internet and Phone Leads
  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns
  • 300+ Potential B2B Referral Partners (Protected For 1 Year)

Sep 03

House Doctors

Posted by admin on Sep 03 2010

Take Advantage of the “Do-It-For-Me” Market.
Team Up With The Leader: HouseDoctors.

Thank you for your interest in HouseDoctors. We have an incredible opportunity for you in professional handyman and home improvement services.

Age is catching up with the Boomers who made Do-It-Yourself(DIY) so successful. Instead of getting up on a ladder to install that new ceiling fan, they’d now rather pay someone to do it. This shift has created the skyrocketing Do-It-For-Me(DIFM) marketing and it’s huge.

Over 80-million Boomers have turned 60. Add dual income families with time constraints and upwardly mobile young professionals and you have a North American market that will spend over US$105-billion annually on home repair services. That’s right, US$105-billion. Growth in DIFM is so explosive, The Wall Street Journal identified it as one of the fastest-growing franchise categories.

So you’ve definitely found the right franchise category and, in HouseDoctors, you’ve found the right franchise partner. Why are we so confident about that? As with all successful business, the key is the business model. If you have a superior business model, you’ll realize success. Invest in a so-so business model–and no matter how hard you work–you will struggle.

So let’s strip away all the franchising sales hoopla and take a look at how the HouseDoctors business model has you poised for success.

HouseDoctors Business Model
Will Propel Your Success.

A truism in sales and marketing is that you have to know what your customers want to buy. HouseDoctors knows exactly how customers shop, select, and value handyman services.

Our business model is based on this market insight. Which means from day one, you’ll be selling what and how your customers want to buy.

Our Professional approach to the industry will enable you to immediately differentiate yourself from the competition and carve your niche out of the “handyman” marketplace. But it doesn’t stop there; property owners, whether residential or commerical appreciate our unique ability to take care of most home improvements. The potential is huge. That’s the HouseDoctors difference.

Organizationally, you’ll be light years ahead, too. HouseDoctors understands your desire to run a business. Many of our most successful franchisees have come from the corportate world and have no desire to swing a hammer. Our propriety training and support gives you the organizational structure to effectively manage, market, and grow your franchise.

What House Doctors. Can Offer You…

You’ll be backed by one of the strongest, most-experienced Franchise Development Teams in the business. HouseDoctors was one of the original pioneers in the DIFM category. The wealth of knowledge available to you is truly staggering. We’re concerned with one thing and one thing only–your success.

  • The Strength and Brand Awareness of an International Network
  • A Start Up Package (All the materials you need to get you up and running)
  • A Fast Start Program (A checklist designed to start you off quickly)
  • Demographic Analysis (A complete analysis of your territory)
  • Leading Industry Trainging (HouseDoctors has been training franchisees for many years)
  • Successful Business System (We have over 100 franchisees in Nort America)
  • Leading Ongoing Operational Support (Built on years of experience)
  • National and Local Marketing Programs (Strong creative marketing programs)
  • Leading Industry Software and Technology (Handybooks is a leader in the industry)
  • National Convention / Franchisees Networking Opportunities
  • Mentoring by Successful Franchisees (We connect you with a successful franchisee)
  • Best Network Practices Data (Data is collected and shared from the network)
  • Intranet and Web Resources (With a strong web presence and on-line scheduling you are very much at the leading edge of technology)
  • And Much, Much More!

With House Doctors, you can enjoy the
Will Ultimate Lifestyle. Is one of these statements you?

You have a driving desire to be successful. You have tasted success with corporate but crave the satisfaction of owning your own business. You have sold your business and are looking for your next challenge?

Our franchisees are people from all walks of life who had a dream of controlling their own destiny and realized the fantastic opportunity that owning a House Doctors franchise offered.

Our Franchisees hire and supervise a team of skilled craftsmen, as well as manage business functions such as financial planning and marketing. They bring drive and passion for success and their management skills to the business and we give them the tools and support they need to reach their goals.

Imagine doing what you love doing while building an asset for yourself and enjoying the rewarding lifestyle you deserve. That’s House Doctors.

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